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Toffee Dating is apparently, "for people on the posher end of the spectrum", sparking a backlash on Twitter on one of Britain's favorite conversation topics, class.Is a new dating app for former public school boys and girls a barrier to social mobility?But he has high hopes for the latest app to join this crowded market: Toffee, which is exclusively for people who…Way back in the mists of the mid-2000s David Vermeulen was just another ambitious young business school graduate trying to make his mark on London’s tech sector.) and how they divide their time between the town and country," creator Lydia Davis told London newspaper The Daily Telegraph.I'm worried about the lack of imagination ascribed to these posh daters: "Henley or SW4"?!😂 — laura fowler (@laurabellfowler) April 11, 2018 Still convinced this dating app for people who went to private school is just an ironic postmodern art project that has got really out of hand pic.twitter.com/USdn A5P9TN — Tom Knowles (@tkbeynon) April 11, 2018 Elite circles&social segmentation https://t.co/l W0O0Fo Jfe Those from a privileged background can already build a bubble around themselves, restricting their social circle by means of expenditure or connections.dating APP exclusively for people who went to private schools HORRIBLE — Lil'Aphasia (@lil_Aphasia) April 21, 2018 "Users are asked to answer questions about the society events they attend (Henley or SW4), the sports they prefer (polo or rugby?

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The waiting list for the app, which launches this spring, opens later this month and those who are first in line will benefit from ‘toffee treats’.Class of 2005 — Miss Mc Apples is currently teaching: spaghetti (@fuzzibilities) April 11, 2018 READ MORE: Crypto-Sex!This Crazy Blockchain App Ensures Legal Consent Dating websites have changed the way people meet, first emerging on the scene in 1995 when was welcomed on the Internet, to 2012 and Tinder took the dating scene by storm.Toffee says its "sophisticated matching algorithm" will do members "dating homework for them".Snaps of the app reveal it has a similar set-up to Tinder, with a like and dislike button.

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