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That’s just the nature of the legalities and technology involved. As you might imagine from a mostly crowd-sourced (community provided) effort, it takes time to go through several levels of “tagging” (their process of labeling edits), and there’s a lot of PG and PG-13’s in there, because that’s what the community is comfortable watching unedited (more on this below).The selection is growing however, and I’ve seen new movies pop-up every few weeks.However, that kind of editing was ruled illegal, as it says on the Vid Angel home page.However, it’s perfectly legal for the end user to select what they do or don’t want to see and hear, if they own the film., which forced me to switch to Netflix and watch a scene on there, unedited, to understand what was going on.

You had to purchase or rent the film or TV episode, then use the Chrome extension to play it with the edits.Overall, the experience is WAY better than having to watch on a computer, with the Chrome extension, after renting the movie/show from You Tube. Now Vid Angel has their own streaming service, that they control end-to-end (from what I understand), and have built various apps for Apple TV, Roku, Android (with Chromecast support), i OS, Kindle Fire, and more, to make the experience as smooth as possible.I personally used the Android app to rent and set individual filtering settings for a few films.But then when you sell it back, you get most back as credit. Even if you turn the filter down to just 1 edit (you can’t turn it entirely off), it’s the cheapest streaming rental out there, and about the same as Redbox, without the hassle of going to the store and returning the disc. I wonder what effect it has on the editor, as well as if it’s okay for me to benefit from their exposure to material that I believe has a negative impact.That credit is then used to cover most of the next rental. Because of the history we’ve seen with services and companies in the same vein, I don’t recommend keeping a purchased film on Vid Angel. However, with time, and perhaps a legal test or two, if Vid Angel sticks around, it should become safe to purchase films you only want to watch edited. Vid Angel has a clear policy of things they stand for and against. In other words: nobody watches anything they wouldn’t already watch.

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