Muslim dating in toronto

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In both countries, there are still stories of couples like us being shunned or even murdered by their own families for marrying outside the acceptable norms. We could love and explore each other freely and openly and not be ashamed for wanting to be with the person with whom we shared a cosmic connection.

Young and naive, I thought love meant meeting someone who my family would least resist; someone they'd "approve" of and proudly talk about with their relatives back home in Pakistan. But deep down I knew checklist man was not right for me — no matter how much my family tried to convince me otherwise.

He wanted to put the expectations of his parents above everything else and follow the life path they had laid out for him.

This study can be seen as a response to this growing national conversation and a reflection of CCMW’s values and continued commitment to the plurality of Muslim communities.

It represents an attempt to cast light on the existing agency of and provide space for Canadian Muslim women who wear the niqab to speak for themselves.

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