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Before Revolution, all social strata in Mongolia had their own manner of dressing.

Live stock breeders for instance, wore yellow dels with a cape thrown over it.

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The middle ages women & men wore summer hats made of plush wet elvet upturned brim &brocaded pointed tops. In ancient times it symbolized power capable of frightening enemies.

In summer Mongols wore either the hat or flat topped "had an upper and a lower part.

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Male dels are just wider and in more somber colors.The toes of boots are upturned, and several explanations have been offered for this unconventional style.If boots had upturned toes pre 1578 when Buddhism introduced to Mongolia , then this would be an example of religion using indigenous customs, beliefs etc. Another explanation is that the upturned tip prevents a rider's feet from slipping out of the stirrups.Free Mongolian Porn stream movies from all over the Web, huge choice of Mongolian sex tubes and more than 1000 porn tube categories at Nice Sex Tube!We have Full hardcore Mongolian sex tube videos that you can see absolutelly for free!

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