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This site features many educational pages and videos. There's a lot of information about ants of the genus Lasius, UK natives. 28 Lasius niger videos - must be his favorite ant (joke). It's part of UC Berkeley's gigantic tree of life web site complex (more on that below.) This is for older students. Read about these tusked giants, relatives of seals. See a photo gallery of walruses hunting clams, hauling out, hanging out, and walrus babies.

Ant Man UK (includes Antkeeping UK) by Kevin Davies This site is similar to other ant-keeping sites, but it's a bit more understated, not so dramatic, not a "continuing soap opera." The science is as good as Ants Canada, and the tutorials possibly are better. Davies has 10 tutorials and 11 ant general update videos - follow the uphill struggle of establishing an ant colony: Coping with a dead queen. Also some videos that feature Messor barbarus, a non-UK species with various sized workers. "The Earth - our beautiful blue orb circling the sun is home to so many diverse species of animals. Watch Dangerous Dives, a video of the divers going after up-close photos.

Lots of information on the four bears of genus Ursus, and their four relatives who also qualify as bears.

Before you cut the grass, check for baby rabbits video from CBC Hamilton.

The frame on the left side of the page (pull it down to see it all) has links to pages on bird adaptations, anatomy and physiology, and bird behavior. Some have gone extinct since the 1800s - like the Passenger Pigeon shown below: Some other extinct native birds include the Carolina parakeet (below), the Labrador duck, great auk, Eskimo curlew, and pinnated grouse.The Fun Stuff section has nice printable: mazes, coloring pages, and word searches. Parents, there's a page for you explaining the activities and safety measures. Their Petsource section has guides to cats, dogs, and other pets, cat and dog breed info, dog horoscopes (Whaaa? The Wild Animals section has an A to Z listing of animals, bird guides, mammal guides, butterfly guides, an endangered species guide, and a lot more! Since the egg cases we find are usually dried out, the first step in identifying one is to soak it in fresh water for a couple of hours."Did you know that elephants hold grudges or that cougars can't roar? Animal Facts from Canadian Geographic Everything a kid would need to do a report on any of 56 Canadian animals (& birds & fish)! "Animal Jam is an online playground for kids where they can learn about the natural world while playing with friends." Animals facts, printables, more. The Games sections is stupendous fun for kids of all ages. "Find out more about your favourite animals, where and how they live..." Hundreds of mammals and birds, dozens of amphibians, reptiles, fish, mollusks, crustaceans, insects, other arthropods, echinoderms. (Don’t worry- if the egg case has already hatched, it won’t smell!The other is an ambush predator: slow, patient, with one of the strongest bites on Earth. Animals from all over the world are indexed geographically by continents, by order, and by habitats and ecosystems. This site is at a junior high/grade 7 and up level. Arthropod Story "This interactive investigation delves into the amazing world of the arthropods..." Simple language and lots of pictures. Assateague Island National Seashore "Did you know that by just finding a mermaid's purse on the beach you can contribute to science?Scroll over to the right on their menu bar and there's a whole big section on plants, including a list of all the species at the zoo! Animal Fact Guide is a site for Kindergarten through middle school. Citizen science has always been an important part of collecting environmental data, and when it comes to sharks, skates, and rays, scientists at The Shark Trust are asking for your help!

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