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Use this site as a portal to view more than 220,000 digital images and documents from collections of diaries, letters, photographs and other items at more than 200 libraries, museums, historical societies and university archives across the Golden State.

This search scours millions of entries in original sources, including county birth and death registers, a statewide divorce index (1880-1939) and will and probate records.

Next, select Archives of Maryland Online to access 471,000-plus historical documents.

While visiting the Archives of Maryland Online, click on Probate Records for an index to colonial probate records (1634-1777) and on Military Records for Revolutionary War and Civil War resources.

In particular this year, you’ll see that state archives and libraries are creating more digital archives and “memory” websites with records and photos.

Search for a Civil War soldier’s name in the Iowa Digital Library, and you might find his diary and letters.

Click on the Photographs tab to search a collection of more than 197,000 digitized photographs.Indiana Memory has digitized images of many resources, including county histories, oral histories, plat books, city directories, photos, newspapers, yearbooks and more.The VINE database has local history and vital records from libraries, historical societies and genealogical societies.Developed and managed by the Maine Historical Society, this site lets libraries and historical societies across the state upload digital copies of historical items from their collections into this site’s database.The site has more than 45,000 historical items (more than double last year’s count), including letters, photos, maps, clothing and audio and video files.

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