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Everyone will think that there's an attack or something, and so most of the stormtroopers guarding my house should be immediately sent to where you two are "attacking". This will leave Ben free to land HIS ship and pick me up. Jacen uses his Jedi abilities to "catch" the pen before it hits.*Ruana (impatient): Do you want to hear the battle plans or not? You will fly over some administration buildings in the capital city, just to cause a little panic. Ben (nervously): But there's one problem: where's your FATHER going to be during all this? Borrow one of your father's rocket launchers, Lara, and fire at the ground a few times... Lara: The one with the CODES FOR THE IMPERIAL CHECKPOINTS! THAT paper...*pause*Lara (in a threatening tone she could have only learned from her father): Jacen, you DO have the paper, _right_? Ruana (from intercom): Rebels...*laughs* It's amazing you've lasted this long against my father. Jacen (to Ruana): My dad could take your dad any day!

NOTE TO READERS: Yes, I KNOW the timeline is really off (and that Thrawn is already dead for about a decade before Luke and Mara get married), but, for comedic purposes, bear with me please. *gestures at her pale blue face and bright red eyes*Lara: Speaking of your dad, have you told him about your date yet? *imitates her father's precise accent* Like any good commander, I have formulated a strategy. Ruana (in her "explanation" voice): The best way to win a battle is to take your enemy by surprise, right? Both are tied.*Thrawn (commands piece to move): So, Ru'ana, how was school? *grinning, as if she is joking*Thrawn (in all seriousness): You are welcome to try.*Two pairs of bright red eyes focus on the game as Thrawn and Ruana cease talking.*And so the battle begins. Jacen (worried): You HAVE taken Driver's Ed, right?

*Ship crashes through ceiling*Jacen and Lara (screaming): Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

*vainly tries to slow the rapid beating of his heart* THIRTY MINUTES LATER, AS THE SLAVE IV & BEN'S SHIP (The Starrunner) ENTER IMPERIAL SPACE: Lara: We're coming up on our first checkpoint...

ONE LAST NOTE: Starphoenix23 would like to fervently thank Starhamster42 for the help and ideas on this chapter. ) TWO DAYS BEFORE THE DATE:*Ruana lies on bed, kicking her legs in the air as she reads a copy of Gala Girl and listens to the song "I'm Blue". Ruana (cleverly): Let me guess: you did NOT tell your father who Jacen was, but he found out anyway and ended up attacking your boyfriend with a rocket launcher. *Ruana hides her surprise.*Ruana: Uh, yes, actually. Jacen and Ben--just pretend they're the same age, okay? Ruana (nonchalant): Daddy won't let me go out with Ben, so I have to sneak out. Ruana (confident): Yes, and I need the help of everyone here. And, don't worry, I've thought of _everything_, so you don't need to worry about a thing. Ruana (not looking up from her "battle plans"): I heard that. We need a decoy with a ship, which means you, Jacen. Now I need you to fly into Imperial space and--Lara: Fly into Imperial space? Whatever happened to just opening a window and crawling through? Lara: And I thought MY father was bad...*pauses in thought* Well, Ruana, I'm not the type to give up, but... Jacen: But you don't have your own ship...*truth slowly dawns on him* Oh, no...

(To readers: if you haven't read Starhamster42's stuff, DO IT! She is also talking to a friend (Lara) on the Holo Com*Ruana: So, Lara, don't keep me in suspense! --sit at the same table.*NOTE: Lara, Ruana, Jacen, and Ben attend a sort of "peace school" for the children of galactic leaders (leaders of ALL organizations--yes, even the Empire). I think sneaking out is pretty impossible in your situation. We need to be focused: now, is there a starship rental place around?

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