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But of course what applies to implantation of an embryo in an IVF cycle also applies to natural conception.Some IVF specialists refer to the inside of the uterus as “”, since once that embryo is transferred to the uterus, all they can do is cross their fingers and hope something happens. Our discussion today could also be called “ This frustrating situation might be occurring for the IVF patient who, despite creating good looking embryos like the little guy above, fails to establish a viable pregnancy after they are transferred to the womb.The implantation of an embryo in the uterus is a crucial early step in establishing a successful pregnancy.Here we are talking about the first few steps of life ………This theory suggested that if you had an embryo that was genetically normal, all would be hunky dory. You might be surprised to hear that in most IVF clinics only about half of the “genetically normal” embryos (determined by pre-implantation genetic diagnosis/screening, PGD or PGS) actually implant and become a viable pregnancy.So what is going on with the large number of genetically normal embryos which DON’T implant?

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So lets look at all the things we know can make a uterine lining (also called the endometrium) more receptive and how we might be able to influence these.Can we still blame lack of implantation on the poor embryo? Perhaps in some cases we can – the eggs might not impart enough “energy” to the embryo to keep it dividing and implanting successfully.There’s certainly things we can do to help that situation – but THAT is another story (stay posted).On the other hand the actions of some T cells and NK cells are necessary to promote a favourable environment for implantation. This is a complex and fascinating topic much of which, you guessed it, is another story for another day (and see below).8 A fresh food diet You may have heard about how important the diet of the mother is to the development of the embryo, and then the growing fetus in the early days of pregnancy (the Barker hypothesis).

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