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Joomla’s latest update addresses a critical remote command-execution vulnerability that has been actively exploited in the wild since at least Dec. The vulnerability affects every version of Joomla from 1.5 to 3.4.5, and Sucuri reported that nearly every site they checked had been targeted when Joomla 3.4.6 was released to address the issue.

XX on port 80 returned: Key Accepted [2010-05-15 0000] Process bandwidth for cpuser3 [2010-05-15 0000] Processing exim stats for cpuser3.... Done [2010-05-07 0000] /home/cpuser/tmp/analog/cache doesn't contain last-seven-day statistics; so [2010-05-07 0000] these may be underestimated [2010-05-07 0000] (For help on all errors and warnings, see docs/errors.html) Fetching version information from (STABLE)....

Remove pure-ftp partials When your users upload files to the server via FTP when your server runs pure FTP as an FTP daemon, the FTP server creates temporary files starting with .pureftpd-upload* that get renamed the the actual filename when the upload completes.

If the upload doesn’t complete, these files are left on the server.

XX) [NOTICE] /home/cpuser//public_html/tools/downloaded (10928 bytes, 1097.37KB/sec) May 3 server pure-ftpd: (admin[at]domain.code[at]XX. Key Follows Fri May 14 2010: Accepted license from server XX.

XX) [NOTICE] /home/cpuser//public_html/tools/uploaded (8092 bytes, 22.74KB/sec) May 3 server pure-ftpd: (admin[at]domain.code[at]XX. Done [2010-05-15 0000] info [mysqladmin] Not updating privileges for cpuser1 (reseller login and no password specified in ~/cnf) [2010-05-15 0000] info [mysqladmin] Not updating privileges for cpuser5 (reseller login and no password specified in ~/cnf) [2010-05-15 0000] warn [passwd::change_password] Encountered error in passwd::change_password: Your password could not be changed because the new password failed with the following reason : (it is based on a dictionary word), please try again! XX on port 80 Fri May 14 2010: License update succeeded after trying 1 server Sat May 15 2010: License Update Request Sat May 15 2010: Trying server XX.

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