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It does simple basic comparisons like: The next part of the brain is the “monkey” part.It handles a bit more complex thinking and forms your subconscious mind.The brain knows this and doesn’t even consider the shy person as a potential partner.To put it plainly, a confident person “gets it.” She shows not only a fundamental knowledge of understanding men, but of herself. A girl who understands herself is way less likely to be unstable or crazy.In some cases, the will of your genetic makeup tries to take over and do things that make no sense at all.When we look at a man’s brain and what is he thinking, these directives go through an entirely different set of filters.If you’re really interested in understanding men, being his support system is by far the most important weapon in getting a great guy.Most guys are just OK in their relationships, but the key to understanding men is knowing that the ones who stay infatuated are that ones that know you will always have his back. This audio program gives you tons of specific examples on how to keep him infatuated with you.

It also helps us to immediately react when the body senses danger so we don’t always need to think of saving ourselves.Not only that, men and women have completely different sets of “basic commands” pushed on us from our own genetic drives.We certainly have all of that great free will, but have you ever found yourself doing something or getting into a situation you just knew was stupid?For our purposes, we only need to think about how this fits into mating, understanding men, and how feelings of desire and love are formed. It doesn’t deal with any complex thoughts, just plain old survival.It keeps us safe and fed, but it also does the most basic calculations when it comes to choosing a mate such as desire and lust.

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