Dating an emotinal person

I watched every episode and for a 50 episode drama the pace was perfect.The emotions were realistically written and portrayed, it wasn't the typical chaebol storyline in regard to the character's feelings, which is what I enjoyed. Thumps up just finished epi 9 and this drama is too lazy for me its too slow and predictable i am a little disappointed cuz i expected much more from this its not living up to the great ratings it boast so far i skipped a lot nevertheless i didnt missed anything substantial that means the writer is putting a lot of bull out there if this thing dont improved dramatically in the next 3 or 5 epi i will pull the plug i mean sayonara, au revoir, hasta la vista baby, chao, concurrently im watching another 10 dramas so i dont have time to waste only the ones that i like survive oh well I am glad I didn't pay attention to the comments and finished watching this.Starting over, after mistakes, is such a great theme, and this series exemplifies that very well! Hi, all my golden life lovers...drama will remain as the best in history and for me, I will and can never forget this drama. It was ridiculous he needed to be penniless for a time.When Ji-An's father told her, under the tree, to give herself another chance, and when he also told Do-Kyung to wait forever if he meant he loved Ji-An, I believed a "happy ending" was all the more possible. Love that DK had a chance to talk to JA's dad and receiving good advice. I was glad when he left the CEO position he seemed to have a decent place to live. But that would be an American ending, this is a Korean drama. He goes off to Spain and she works going into the office for a year. Salavation army kettle, volunteering at the orphanage and helping the elderly who live alone. Finished with strong rating and each actors deserved a round of applause for making the drama Unforgettable.

He finally became his own person, followed his passion, reformed the family business, and righted as much as he could, while becoming a better person in the end, realizing he had to take Ji-An's wishes into consideration and not exerting ownership over her. i miss my golden lifee especially ji an and DK uuuuuugh T T Writernim u should have given me closure..i cant really move on....That meant she spent time carving his likeness, which was near perfect, presumably fashioned from very strong memories (since she did not have her own phone and likely no access to any photos they might have taken in the past).Seeing that figurine made me wish she had, at the end, not be left standing at a cold distance, physically and mentally from Do-Kyung, but rather closer, at his side -- as his equal, as her father stated to Do-Kyung, and walking down a road together.I believed the story, the characters, and the fans of this drama deserved at least that much.Instead, we are left to wonder if she really intends to let him back into her heart, as she still, at this late stage, suggests he is being selfish.

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